Pantonic All Stars steel orchestra

Registered charity 1155970.

We owe the Manchester Airport Community Trust a great big 'Thank You' for a grant of £650. We have put this towards replacing our two gazebos with bigger and better ones in silver that display our logo to promote the Orchestra - and keep everybody dry!

Warrington, Lancashire

Saturday December 10th

Our RMCH Bone Marrow Trust Fund donations have reached our target of £50,000

A Very Big 'Thank You' to everyone who has contributed over the years



Pantonic All Stars, BBC 1990


Our Past -

Our Orchestra stands alongside the independent steel bands of the World. We are just as they are, in that our formation was the idea of just two people who, along with the support of some of the parents and charities we raise money for, brought together their children and formed the basis of the Orchestra in November 1985. Thirty years later and the charity involvement lives on and regular gigs are played so as to ensure a steady flow of money is given to the charity we collect for (The Royal Manchester Children's Bone Marrow and Stem Cell Trust). Over one hundred and thirty musicians have passed through the senior group over the past 30 years and added their own individual mark upon the aura of the Orchestra. The original founders may have moved on, but the motto we have held since the beginning still remains "We Not I".

For more about ‘Our Past’ follow the link to ‘The Story of Pantonic All Stars’ and for all our ex-players see if you were caught on film in our new galleries.

Our Present-

2015 proved to be a very special year for the Orchestra especially with our eighth successful tour of Devon during August when we took 22 players for a series of nine performances around Torbay and Dartmouth. Two months later we were up to our eyes in the final rehearsals for our two evening concerts to celebrate our 30th Anniversary. Not only did the Senior Orchestra perform, supported by our junior players, but we were joined by our older players in the form of Panfire. The second half included a brilliant singing performance by our own ex-player and Panfire member Samantha Siddall. On Saturday night we managed to get fifteen ex-players to come up on stage to show that they still had it in them to perform to a high standard several years on. The concerts were held at Hyde Festival Theatre with a sell out on the Saturday evening.  

The rest of the year kept all the players and parents very busy right through to Christmas with many of our regular venues revisited as well as several new ones such as Wigan and Hanley that we have included again during 2016. We enjoyed great weekends for our annual visits to the Cumbria Steam Gathering at Flookburgh, and the Yesteryear Rally at Malpas, Cheshire.

The Orchestra also worked hard during the year with our licensed charity collections for the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital Bone Marrow Trust Fund, which we have supported since 1985 in several North West shopping precincts. With other donations from supporting organisations, the total donated to date now stands at over £49,000. We intend to reach £50,000 by the end of 2016 to become the largest single contributor to this worthwhile children's charity.

Outside of our main charity work, we also supported a number of other charity events during the year including Cancer Research UK and Joining Jack in Wigan.

As usual there have been a few changes in the lineup of the Orchestra over the last twelve months as a number of players have left to concentrate on college and work. We are now twenty four strong and have plenty of players available, even when some are working or on holiday. It will be good for the summer's busy schedule, which is kept up to date alongside as we progress through the year, with more details of times etc. if you click on the locations. 

Paul Handley continues with the majority of our tuition to junior and senior players, supported by Steve Marshall and other long serving senior players. Ashley Hogg provides drum tuition at junior practices with training for new young drummers. We are still looking to recruit drummers to supplement our regular ones who have continuing work commitments.   

We had a good number of junior players join us in 2015 and intend to take them out with the senior Orchestra in the spring. 2016 will find us in most of the counties of the north of England and Wales You are always welcome to come and see us at our many venues and keep in touch through our Facebook page.

25 Years on, Best of Pantonics CD
Juniors at practice


Our Future -

With a stream of up and coming players in our Junior Section we are always guaranteed a solid playing force and always open to welcome new young players. Our future is dependent on a constant influx of new talent and our junior orchestra is the perfect place for them to develop their skills as artistes. Paul Handley, our Musical Director, looks after the teaching with valuable help from experienced players. The learning curve can be steep but well worth the effort for those who are prepared to put in the work. In January we are moving to new rehearsal facilities at Hazel Grove High School, Jacksons Lane in Stockport. The junior section practices every Monday night from 7.00pm through till 8.30pm.  For further details please contact us.