CDs – The Music Collection

We have been recording our steel music since 1994 and now have a collection of six CDs giving over seven hours of steel music.

We have been recording our steel music since 1994 and now have a collection of six CDs giving over seven hours of steel music. Each CD contains a mix of traditional Caribbean music. The style of music is deliberately varied to re-create the traditional sound of the Caribbean, whilst demonstrating the wide versatility of steel pans. Easy listening and modern tunes are mixed with a selection of calypsos and some of the well-known classics.

The latest CD, volume 8, is a recording of the live concert by Pantonic All Stars held at Hyde Festival Theatre, Tameside to celebrate our 30 th Anniversary in October 2015. The Orchestra was formed in 1985 and, 30 years on, with many great performance accolades, hundreds of public performances, seven foreign tours and eight Devon tours, we decided to celebrate with a live show and create a superb live CD. It features several new tunes as well as many from our wide repertoire with authentic applause from the appreciative audience on the sell-out performances. We are really proud of what we have achieved over 30 years and this CD reflects the successful live Sound of Stockport Steel 

All our ‘Sound of Stockport Steel’ music collection is available wherever we are playing or through mail order. Prices where we are playing offer discounts on all collections for multiple sets of CDs. All CD’s cost £8.50 / US$15.50 / €12.00 and include the cost of local or international delivery. To place an order please email and all details of the running order of the CDs and where to send your order will be provided.

The selection of music on each of the CDs covers a wide variation from traditional Caribbean tunes through pop standards to classical music showing just how versatile steel pan can be when played by experienced and talented young people. The following list provides the highlights and CD Links you will find all the track lists.

If you’re looking for Reggae then volume 5 is for you with a Bob Marley medley.

The ever popular ‘Pop Medley’ is on Volume 4 making it our strongest selling CD since 1997.

‘In the Mood Medley’ has been in our repertoire since the beginning and appears on Volume 3 and was re-recorded for volume 7 when we were ‘Still in the Mood’.

Bohemian Rhapsody is always a favourite and was first heard played by us at theRoyal Albert Hall on the first anniversary of Freddie Mercury’s death. You will find iton volumes 3, 4 and 7, as you will ‘Music‘ by John Miles – another classic favourite.

Medleys from Michael Jackson, Madonna and the Sixties feature on volume 6.On volume 7 we produced a rearranged and re-recorded compilation of our favourite tunes from the earlier CDs, together with a splattering of new stuff that all went to celebrate the Orchestra’s 25th Anniversary in 2010.