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Adrian Botham, ( 10:33am, 10th October 2012 )
Message: Message for Bethany Calton. I've tried to email you but the messages bounce back. Practices for the younger people is on Monday evenings at 7.00 pm. We now have a drum teacher so you will get first hand tuition.

bethany calton, ( 4:38pm, 1st October 2012 )
Message: what day is it on for the younger people

Mrs T Maloney, ( 10:59pm, 3rd September 2012 )
Message: Hi we enjoyed your band at Victoria Park Widnes Cheshire, it was a nice day & watching the band got my husband & I out for a few hrs, I don't walk very far so use a mobility scooter, we had a good time Thank-you to all the band & Organisors

Chris Horsfall, ( 10:19am, 3rd September 2012 )
Message: Coronation Park, Ormskirk went brilliantly – you should rename the band Pantonic All Stars bringers of sunshine – the weather was dire until the band turned up and then it turned positively tropical almost immediately!

Michelle Hanson, ( 10:17am, 3rd September 2012 )
Message: I saw Pantonic All Stars performing in Widnes today, you absolutely blew me away. I really enjoyed listening to you playing, for me it was something new and refreshing. I also loved the arangements of the pop songs, very sophisticated. Do you have auditions to recruit new members? I would be very interested in joining. Thank you for taking the time to read this :)

John Rochford, ( 2:26pm, 12th August 2012 )
Message: Thank you once again for your help yesterday, the band really made the day. We hope that your tour in Devon goes well and in the future if you are looking for any premise's to practice in please think of ourselves. We have ample space and groups already use our community room for various meetings and sessions. Hope to see you in the future, Regards, John & all at Offerton Fire Station.

Theodore Quoski, ( 10:07pm, 20th July 2012 )
Message: I saw you play at the RNCM on Wednesday and I thought you were amazing. Brilliant choice of tunes for the set. The build up on the balearic tune was perfection, then it absolutely rocked. Checking out some of the youtube videos now. TQ

Carl 'Jazz' R, ( 8:58pm, 7th July 2012 )
Message: I first saw you guys nearly 20 years ago. I'm also a musician. You guys have always represented Quality, and entertainment, and youshould be really proud of yourselves for that. My only complaint, is that people don't see enough of you! Saw you today in Warrington, awesome. I'll email you the pics that I took. Thank you for entertainment. Carl 'Jazz'

Robert Frier , ( 09:56am, 29th June 2012 )
Message: Thanks so much for playing in Walkden Gardens again and a special thanks for the National Anthem - a special arrangement performed in honour of H.M. The Queen on her birthday. We wish there could have been more people to enjoy the music, but the rain put off so many, never mind, the ones that did come really enjoyed it, please convey our thanks to all the players and we would love to have you back on a nice sunny day! Cheers (Vice Chairman FOWG)

Bill Allen ,, ( 5:00pm, 28th May 2012 )
Message: Hi My partner and I were in Conway and strolled onto the seafront (Following the sound of Calypso / steel drums) and came across your fantastic band. Great to see young people enjoying themselves and producing great music. Your rendition of "Life in a Northern Town" was my favourite. Just fantastic music. Well done and we wish you every success for the future. Regards Bill Allen & Heather Halls

Pantonic-All-Stars Gang,, ( 09:31am, 3rd May 2012 )
Message: Congratulations to our Webmaster, Ben and his new wife Louise, on the occasion of their marriage at the Plaza Theatre. Best wishes for the future come from all the players and parents of the Orchestra. This is the first wedding we have ever had between two ex-players but shows the power of youth music and the social camaraderie that it brings.

Britains Got Talent, ( 11:59am, 21st January 2012 )
Message: Hello! Thank you so much for taking part in the Blackpool carnival parade yesterday, it was a very successful day and luckily the weather held up for us, be it a little cold! You were an integral part to the parade and we cannot thank you enough for making the time and effort to come and celebrate with us. The parade even made national newspapers: Many thanks again, we hope you enjoyed the day as much as we did.

John Bailie , ( 8:16pm, 5th September 2011 )
Message: As Event Co-ordinator for the above, I just wanted to thank you for attending this a one off it was a great success with crowds estimated at approaching 10,000. Your band create an exceptional sound and brought a major dimension to the party...many thanks!!! Ormskirk MotorFest Event Co-ordinator

Stuart Hines, ( 11:28am, 20th June 2011 )
Message: I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your fantastic support in making today's event a success. What was clear to me was, that it's takes a special bread of person to give up their time & brave the weather when duty calls and today both GMP employees & Stockport Referees got on with the task in hand, which was to raise money for the Street Children in Africa. Pantonic Steel Orchestra - Wow, Thank you so much "Brilliant"

Friends Of Mine Festival 2011 review,, ( 4:33pm, 2nd June 2011 )
Message: As the morning progressed, a number of whisperings began to circulate, followed by various flyers dotted around the site indicating that a handful of artists would be re-housed in the House Party performance tent. Feeling slightly cheerier about this prospect, we headed for a spot of brunch and managed to catch a delightful performance by the Stockport Pantonic All Stars Steel Orchestra. The orchestra consisted of a group of youngsters, aged around twelve to seventeen, who performed a collection of Madonna classics and various Jive and Big Band numbers. My favourite performance, and that of the clearly enthralled crowd, was a spectacular composition of Queen's 'Bohemian Rhapsody'. The applause rang out long after these talented youngsters broke for their lunch.

Hannah Thomas,, ( 11:32am, 12th May 2011 )
Message: In my new role I deal with the e-survey that we send out to participants after Shine and there have been so many comments from participants about how great you guys were! They loved you! We have only had a few responses so far but so many of them mentioned you - a few examples below.... The steel band was really uplifting!.... I enjoyed the live entertainment (especially the steel band).... There was a steel band at one point which was great and helped to lift everybody's spirits.... The steel band in Salford were ace and really kept us going!.... The Stockport Steel Band were great.... The steel band was good along the way The steel band in the underpass was a good idea and boosted the mood.------ You obviously made a big impression so thanks. I am coming to Friends of Mine and Kendal so let me know when you find out what day and time you are on so I can come and say hello! Thanks Hannah

brenda frost, ( 4:26pm, 7th May 2011 )
Message: just to say how much i enjoyed yourperformance today at swanwick well dressing its my second time of seeing you and was blown away by you all last time and the same again, excellent all round,very enjoyable to listen to.

Adrian bOtham, ( 12:25am, 15th March 2011 )
Message: Message to Phil Blakeney. Your email link didn't work so here is my reply. Thanks for your kind comments about the Orchestra last Saturday. We were moved to that spot from our usual (and booked) spot near the Town Hall because of a clash with book week and children reading, which someone else had arranged. It was a good place for us for the collection purposes but not the nicest and a bit cramped as we also had our young junior players out for their first event. We don't publish the repertoire because it changes as as players change and its impossible to keep everything up to scratch. I attached our catalogue for the CD collection that has been recorded over the years so you could see everything that has ever been done. We still play many tunes from all the CDs but I couldn't list just which ones. If you email me back I will attache 5he catalogue for you.

Phil Blakeney, ( 8:45pm, 12th March 2011 )
Message: Can you publish your current repertoire? Thanks. PS saw you in Ashton today... the whole family (aged 8 to 53) thoroughly enjoyed it despite the "inconvenient" location in which you had to set up (next to the commercial waste bins at the Arcades shopping centre!)

mike + chris clare, ( 2:47pm, 16th January 2011 )
Message: my hunsband and i saw you at the manchester christmas masrket and thought you were all fantastic so much so we bought your cd its brill. we now NEED to see you again please sort some dates for a concert, we live in Runcorn, thanks, best wishes and good luck for your futures.

John Stirling - Freshfields,, ( 10:02am, 10th December 2010 )
Message: DEAR ADRIAN . I am sorry but I have had to take the decision to cancel the Carol concert on Saturday. The lane is impassable, the courtyard and all surfaces are absolutely lethal and minus 6 during the day but minus 10 after 3. There would be a catastrophe if I let it go ahead but nobody could get here anyway.'s our annual event to raise enough to see us through the winter so god knows what we're going to do. Sincerely John Stirling

Kevin Hart, ( 09:58am, 10th December 2010 )
Message: We would like to say a big thank you to you all for supporting us again this year. Without your outstanding efforts and performances Marple Bridge Winter Wonderland wouldn't be the exceptional event that it is. Each year we hold our breath and hope that the public will turn up and make all of the hard work worthwhile and up to now they haven't let us down. Much of that is down to your individual performances. Wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Kevin

Paul Hilton, ( 10:34am, 29th November 2010 )
Message: Hello. I saw the band play today in Manchester city center and was thrilled, it was freezing but they brought a warm feeling to the afternoon, keep up the good work and I’m looking to see if I can organize something where we can use the band! Anyway until then take care speak soon.

John Wareing, ( 02:21am, 29th November 2010 )
Message: My wife and I saw and heard you perform at the Manchester Christmas Market in Manchester on 28/11/10 and do you know what? My heart went out to the players. Given the freezing conditions (-7 degrees) you were fab u lous. Well done. Best wishes, John & Jennie.

Nikki Brown (nee Leech), ( 2:01pm, 15th November 2010 )
Message: Just wanted to congratulate the Pantonics's on the success of the reunion last Saturday. I appreciate the hard work that must have gone into organising such a great event. It was lovely to see and hear the current band, along with meeting up with so many old friends who I have not seen for donkies years! Keep up the good work and thankyou for a great night once again. Hope to see you all again soon xxx

valkennedy, ( 8:00pm, 6th November 2010 )
Message: looking forward to seeing you all again next sat

john stirling, ( 2:53pm, 27th October 2010 )
Message: Just trying to confirm that all is well with our carol concert and would the band be able to accompany the ten carols we will be singing if not John Rotherham will put together his granada trio but it would be really fabulous if the band would do it..Sincerely John Hope you are all well

Adrian Botham,, ( 5:49pm, 25th October 2010 )
Message: We are still looking for more of our old players to join the 31 who have already told us they are coming to the 25th Anniversary Reunion Party. Please get in touch by email or phone as soon as possible to get your ticket.

sam and debbie, ( 3:25pm, 17th October 2010 )
Message: hope to see oldies at the reunion and when we say oldies we mean oldies talking twenty years ago!

Amy Coulson, ( 4:52pm, 6th October 2010 )
Message: I have seen this steel band three times now, and every time they have been outstanding! They are all really enthusiastic about playing the steel pans and really entertain the crowd. They move around and dance to the beat of the music, they even reach over to another drum on some songs for a few notes then return their own drum (on the tenors only) which can become quite amusing for the audience. You are instantly filled with a joy when they play and their timing is impeccable. Another thing about Pantonic All Stars is that they don’t just play one song at a time; they do medleys which can last up to about fifteen minutes at a time, meaning that they don’t swap drums, saving time between songs. The age group varies between the players and there seems to be a real sense of friendship between the band, they all help each other out with whatever the task may be. They also have good dynamics and they are able to play soft, slow songs just as well as the faster, louder songs. They also have a very large repertoire (now releasing their seventh CD) which ranges from classic Caribbean songs to modern day pop songs. Due to the large range of songs at their disposal, they can play at the Cumbria Steam Gathering for thirty minute sessions throughout the day without repeating songs; and the list keeps getting longer! They are a very good band and I would highly recommend anyone to go and see them, if they get the opportunity.

Adrian Botham, ( 11:23am, 14th September 2010 )
Message: CALLING ALL EX-PLAYERS.WE WANT TO SEE YOU IN NOVEMBER. In 1985 Bill and Jean Syzling returned from Trinidad with Ian and Gemma and established Pantonic All Stars. They had two aims. Firstly to bring steel music to the young people of Stockport and secondly to help raise funds of £10,000 for the newly created Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital Bone Marrow Trust Fund. Twenty five years on, the Orchestra continues with its long term success in having the largest number of players in its history, in continuing to raise money for the re-named Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital Bone Marrow and Stem Cell Trust and in performing steel music to audiences all over the Country as well as abroad. We are holding a 25th Anniversary Reunion Party on the evening of Saturday 13th November at a location in central Stockport. We want to celebrate with as many of the ex-players from the last twenty five years as we can get hold of through Facebook or friendships and contacts that players have kept up. Please ring or email to let us know if you can come and we can then issue tickets nearer the date with the venue detail and times. All the best and we hope to see you in November. Adrian Botham and Sue Edge

John Stirling - Freshfields,, ( 1:46pm, 6th September 2010 )
Message: Dear Pantonic...Just a message to say how wonderful you all were on Friday. You made the place and the event come alive and you were all terrific,enthusiastic, talented and with a truly remarkable repertoire. As you know this is the Actor's donkey village and Martin Shaw and Jenny Seagrove were insistent that I send you their good wishes and congratulations for all you achieved for us. On a more serious note I should like to book you for our annual carol concert hosted this year by Twiggy on the 12th Dec at the trust. Television has already booked it's input and I think you would be tremendous. Please accept our deepest thanks and we will certainly be meeting up again either in my donkey capacity or with my producers hat on. Our gratitude and love Jenny, Martin and John Stirling. All the very best to you all fantastic Pantonic

Kath & Roddy Jones, ( 09:33am, 28th August 2010 )
Message: We would like to thank you so much for your excellent and "happy" sounds at our daughter's wedding. Every guest without exception told us how much they enjoyed your set on the lawn at the Josh Bradley! The weather was kind to us and we were all blown away by how good the band is! The enthusiasm of the players is something you can't buy - and it just poured out each and every one! We are so sorry we had hardly a moment to speak to you or to thank the band personally - how can a day go by so quickly and in such a blur? The bride particularly wishes to send her personal thanks as she hardly had a moment to catch her breath with photos being taken and greeting guests from overseas! Thanking you again, Kath and Roddy Jones xx

amand dewulf, ( 07:50am, 21st August 2010 )
Message: hi fynali i find youre back i now the pantonic all stars from 1989 when there are in belguim i have good memmories at this time and i've been churchin after some one special for me only whith 1 of the band i have contact it's jemma syzling but i am surching also after nikki leech we lost contact and sch was a verry good friend of me my question is do you now where sche leave now thanks a lot and hope i've meat youre's one timme in belguim

lee worrall, ( 08:14am, 8th August 2010 )
Message: Hi just wanted to say how fantastic you guy's and gals sound !rhythm section is spot on!had some amazing times with that band !keep doing what ya doing and good luck!but above all enjoy Leex

Garry Jackson, ( 5:27pm, 19th July 2010 )
Message: Thoroughly enjoyed Pantonic on Saturday :) Pity about the weather, Bamford is only a small village but the rain seemed to put paid to a lot of visitors which was a shame. That said, everyone I spoke to agreed that Pantonic were the highlight of the show, and we certainly hope you will be back next year. They seemed to add a certain fluidity to the event. Thanks again for Sunchyme - I was there early enough to catch it :) We are going up to Scarborough in mid August for the show there - we enjoyed the last one there (apart from the couple of drunkards that wanted to join in), hoping to hear Sunchyme again, along with my other favorites Music & First, Last, My Everything if you still do those? No worries if not - I'm always impressed with the seemingly ever evolving set :) Kind regards Garry :)

Paul @ Bamford, ( 5:25pm, 19th July 2010 )
Message: Just to say a big thank you for Saturday everyone really enjoyed the band hope it wasn't too much of a washout for you all. Thanks again. Paul

nikk, ( 10:09am, 13th July 2010 )
Message: hahaha yer, twas atad warm on that field :D but it was peachee There was a really nice dress stall there too, i finally managed to find a dress for my sister greaduation do while we were there.

Karen Pole, ( 5:25pm, 12th July 2010 )
Message: Just to say many thanks to you and the orchestra for Saturday at Stockton Heath Festival. What a fantastic sound. You really helped to create a fantastic atmosphere on the field for us. I hope that the players survived okay in the heat. Thanks again, Karen

John Bedson, ( 2:52pm, 16th June 2010 )
Message: Many thanks for performing at our Awards Dinner. Please pass on our thanks to the boys and girls. I got lots of great feedback on the night after your set and the general feeling was that you started our night off perfectly. I look forward to seeing you all again at the Dragon Boat Races. Senior Project Manager Manchester Airport Developments

sarah hunt, ( 00:10am, 22nd May 2010 )
Message: I miss you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxxxxx

Mrs. Joyce, ( 7:02pm, 4th April 2010 )
Message: Thankyou for a super concert on the day of our golden celebration. The comments received from our friends about you group were amazing. All the best for a succesful future

nik, ( 3:11pm, 12th January 2010 )
Message: hey hey anybody who isnt on facebook, just wanted to let u know that im having a little birthday get togther on the 28th of January...not sure about th location just yet, but the chances are that itl be at the bamford arms on the A6 (esy to get to n most people know where it is) hope u can come cya there xx

Sam, ( 11:54pm, 31st December 2009 )
Message: Happy New Year Everyone

Adrian Botham,, ( 8:02pm, 23rd December 2009 )
Message: The players and parents at Pantonic All Stars would like to wish a Very Merry Christmas to everyone who has supported us in 2009. We also wish you a great New Year and hope to see you somewhere in the UK during 2010. The diary is filling up fast and an initial list of events will be on the website during January.

Kevin Hart, ( 8:13pm, 8th December 2009 )
Message: Thank You Pantonics from the Marple Bridge Associationž... What can I say. Thank you once again for supporting us again this year. The Pantonics really are the stars of the show and we really appreciate the vitality you bring to the day whatever the weather. If you find yourselves at a loose end on the 4th December next year then we would be delighted if you could come and entertain us again. Could you please pass on our sincere thanks all your musicians. They are simply the best!! Judging by the density of the crowd for the entire afternoon we think this year was the busiest we have ever been. Thanks again and a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all Kevin

fee, ( 9:41pm, 1st December 2009 )
Message: Loving the "mini me" photo's!!

Anne, ( 11:26am, 23rd November 2009 )
Message: Heard you play at the Xmas Markets in Manchester yesterday - you made us forget the rain, fantastic!!!

lee worrall, ( 8:51pm, 17th November 2009 )
Message: Hi I used to play with the band years ago.Just wanted to say high and thank you/them for possibly the most intersting and informative years of my life PS:keep up the good workx Also synchyme sounds ace...Played for dariog for ten years now .how weird lolx later Lee wWorrall.

Ingrid Bergstrom, ( 5:29pm, 4th November 2009 )
Message: Thank you very much for the DVD:s. With a little help from "technical" pupils we now have managed to look at the DVDs. It is very nice to look at the films and remember the "sunny" days in Esbjerg. Now we will make copies for all! Thank you once again for all your work! Send many, many regards to all your steelpanplayers from Södertälje! Best wishes Ingrid

Gareth Miller, ( 10:02am, 13th September 2009 )
Message: Come to Nottingham! There is a huge Market square right in the centre of the town which would be perfect, we don't have any steel bands here :-(

Ashleigh , ( 11:47am, 7th September 2009 )
Message: thanks for Denmark guys :) was ace !! :)

Paul Wellecomme, ( 12:32am, 18th August 2009 )
Message: Met up with you guys in Esbjerg, Denmark. Thought you were all brilliant.. Will definatly look out for you all again.

nikki, ( 3:47pm, 28th July 2009 )
Message: woohooooo ace weekend guys, thanks everyone DENMARK! :D xxxx

Garry, ( 12:50am, 22nd June 2009 )
Message: Thought you guys were great again today (Grindleford). Pity you were competing against an announcer who liked the sound of his own voice! The rendition of John Miles' 'Music' was absolutely awesome, well done! You deserve much better & bigger - maybe see you at one of the Sheffield festivals in future?

Tracey Furness (Funky Owl), ( 4:42pm, 16th June 2009 )
Message: We at Chapel-en-le-Frith Brownies would like to express our gratitude to Dan and Emma for making our Caribbean night on of the best nights we have had so far. We thought they were very professional and we had loads of fun playing the steel pans. We will be using photographs from this experience to go in the Buxton Advertiser in July when it is our Districts turn to show what we have done. I have attached a couple of photos for you. We hope that we will be able to do it again some time in the future. Once again thank you on behalf of all our Brownies.

Tracey Furness (Funky Owl), ( 4:41pm, 16th June 2009 )
Message: We at Chapel-en-le-Frith Brownies would like to express our gratitude to Dan and Emma for making our Caribbean night on of the best nights we have had so far. We thought they were very professional and we had loads of fun playing the steel pans. We will be using photographs from this experience to go in the Buxton Advertiser in July when it is our Districts turn to show what we have done. I have attached a couple of photos for you. We hope that we will be able to do it again some time in the future. Once again thank you on behalf of all our Brownies.

Alex Stubbs, ( 02:34am, 14th June 2009 )
Message: great night, from Greater Manchester police. i was there PCSO 60737, STUBBS.

Margaret Rimmer, ( 3:02pm, 1st June 2009 )
Message: My mum saw you on The Brindley in April and she said you were fantastic. She noticed you were playing at Runcorn Hill yesterday so I came along to see you and I have to agree with her - you are fantastic!

Viv Wray, ( 9:52pm, 30th May 2009 )
Message: Just watched you guys & gals in Scarborough today, absolutely fantastic. I bought all the cd's which I have already listened to, pure brilliance. I missed the show last year, but feel that today made up for it.

John & Teresa Chapman, ( 01:14am, 27th May 2009 )
Message: What a wonderfull show you put on at Prestwold Hall the evening was even better than the afternoons performance.Congratulations on the way you finnished the show off.It was nice to see so many talented yougsters enjoying playing with such passion.I will leave you some photo`s on the Windsceen of your van at Beenleach Road

Pantonic All Stars, ( 8:33pm, 24th May 2009 )
Message: Congratulations to Steve, our Musical Director, and Fiona on the birth of their baby boy, Charlie, on Friday, from all the Pantonic's players and parents. The question is whether he will take up 2nd Tenor or 4 Cello when he realises what he's been hearing for the last few weeks.

Gareth Miller, ( 12:44am, 11th May 2009 )
Message: We need some longer videos up on youtube guys! You should come visit the pearl of the East Midlands; Nottingham! so that I can come and watch.

Bob Sherlock, ( 12:59am, 4th May 2009 )
Message: Email from Chesterfield. ... brilliant,BRILLIANT thank the kids for me, going in hospital soon for major opp, they took my mind off it for 1/2 hour or so, especially the lass on the 4 big black oil drums, she was well into it. All the best for the future

Mike Jones - Highfiled Male Voice Choir, ( 4:07pm, 27th April 2009 )
Message: An excellent performance last Saturday at the Brindley Theatre, well up to expectations. I am sorry that the size of our audience was smaller than anticipated, but the length and enthusiasm of our applause made up for the lack of numbers.

Dan Robinson, ( 3:56pm, 27th April 2009 )
Message: Hi! I have been to see the band play several times over the years and they always put on a tremendous show. My favourite is the "In the Mood" medley but they're all wonderful tunes superbly played! I hope to see you at Buxton in May. Very best wishes, Dan

Sam,, ( 10:37pm, 14th April 2009 )
Message: Erm heres the URL for the bands "Bebo" so if you want you can put it on the top near the Facebook link :)

Linda Lea, ( 12:03am, 4th February 2009 )
Message: On behalf of Cheadle Hulme Shopping Centre traders Association I'd like to thank you all for coming down before Christmas to perform. This is the first time that we have organised events and we raised £533 for Multiple Schlerosis Society. We hope that your visit was worthwhile and it most certainly appreciated by the Cheadle Hulme community despite the rainy weather. Good luck with your future events and we hope that you might come and perform again in the future. Yours Thankfully Linda Lee CHSCTA (vice-organiser)

nik, ( 11:47am, 1st February 2009 )
Message: hya everyone, just wanna say a massive thankyou for an amazin birthday cya all shortly, i'll be bobbin up at a few practices in th near future to say hi xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

nik, ( 8:01pm, 3rd January 2009 )
Message: hya dudes/dudettes very late happy new year to everyone ta to ste n fee 4 havin us all ova new year and thanku to adi 4 th crimbo voucher

Kirsty, ( 11:27am, 31st December 2008 )
Message: Happy new year guys!! x

Trudi, ( 5:24pm, 28th December 2008 )
Message: Hello Thank you for the gift card adrian merry christmas

Ashleigh, ( 01:52am, 23rd December 2008 )
Message: Hi Just Want To Say Thnks To Adrian For The Gift Card And Merry Christmas To Everyone =]

Adrian Botham,, ( 3:27pm, 22nd December 2008 )
Message: We would like to thank everybody who has supported the Orchestra this year either by their involvment in arranging events that enable us to bring live music on the streets through the Sound of Stockport Steel, or by giving us donations and buying our CDs. It all goes to keeping the Orchestra strong and healthy, as well as supporting our charity work for the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital Bone Marrow Trust Fund. We have now raised over £36,000 since our creation in 1985. Best wishes to everyone for a Happy Christmas and all the best for 2009, when we hope to see you again. "The Parent's Management"

Kevin Hart, ( 4:42pm, 15th December 2008 )
Message: Hi Adrian Would you please pass on a big thank you to all the Pantonic Allstars for, once again, doing a fantastic job of entertaining all of us at this year's Marple Bridge Winter Wonderland. You really are the highlight of all that we plan and hope that, if you are not fed up of us, you would consider putting us in your diary for the 5th December next year. Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year Kevin

trudi, ( 5:52pm, 6th December 2008 )
Message: Heyy steve congrats on the baby ..x

nicole, ( 11:26am, 21st November 2008 )
Message: steve you'll make a gr8 daddy!

lauren, ( 08:48am, 19th November 2008 )
Message: congrats on the baby!

jenny morris, ( 4:58pm, 20th October 2008 )
Message: hey guys... seems like ages ago now but i just wanna say thanks for making devon a mint holiday love you all !!!

sandra maguire, ( 11:20pm, 10th October 2008 )
Message: Can you please tell me how I can get in touch with Lee Maguire?

Eli and Leonie Butler, ( 2:01pm, 8th October 2008 )
Message: Thank you to you all for playing for us at our wedding, it was such a wonderful experience and added to a totally magical day. I hope you had a great tour round Devon this year, it was an honour to be part of the line-up - you're all Stars!

nikki noodle, ( 8:13pm, 1st October 2008 )
Message: hya guys i just wanted to say that im really missin everyone n also that people dont truely know what they've got until they've lost it (or are stuck for time so can never make it)

Adrian,, ( 1:59pm, 8th September 2008 )
Message: Many thanks to everyone who came to see the Orchestra in our recent summer tour of Devon, and who gave us donations and bought our CDs and cassettes. We all thoroughly enjoyed the tour despite the less than magnificent weather we have come to expect in Torbay. Keep visiting our website to find out where we are next playing and when we will be returning to Devon.

Sam, ( 10:02am, 12th August 2008 )
Message: Wooooooooo Devon.

Pete Sturgess, ( 12:40am, 5th August 2008 )
Message: Thanks again to the band, yet again they were superb and really helped to make the event at Great Towers scout camp. We will be in touch again for similar for the future….. Thanks once again Pete

andy, ( 09:51am, 28th July 2008 )
Message: hi there,i listened to you at Great Tower and all i can say is "wow amazing music" such a talented group, i will recomend you to everyone

Jenny Maryan, ( 7:10pm, 9th July 2008 )
Message: Hi I played with you as one of the Guides senior section in the World in one City concert in Liverpool. It was an amazing day and thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to play with you, would love to do it again!! Thank you again Jenny, Leeds

Ben Wainwright,, ( 12:53am, 4th July 2008 )
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