Pantonic All Stars steel orchestra

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Our tour to Belgium in August went down a storm. You can pick up photos as well as some live videos in Ostend and Niuewpoort by clicking onto .

Photo of latest CD

Music samples -

We now have two ways in which you can sample the Sound of Stockport Steel. A selection of recent videos of live performances by the Orchestra are available on our YouTube site at

In addition you can take these downloads which emphasize the variety of styles of music the band excels at. Unfortunately digital recording techniques can never capture the true sound of Steel Pans, to hear the true sound of Steel Pans you really need to hear us live... another good reason to watch us play!

Each MP3 has been shortened to around 30 seconds to reduce download time, each one is about 600KB.... longer versions of these tunes can be found on the CD's and Cassettes below

My everything - Barry White
Fire - Traditional

CDs - The Music Collection

The latest CD in our ‘Sound of Stockport Steel’ music collection is now available wherever we are playing or through mail order. Volume 8 was recorded at our 30th Anniversary concert held at Hyde Festival Theatre, Tameside in October 2015. It features several new tunes as well as many from our wide repertoire with authentic applause from the appreciative audience on the sell out performances. We are really proud of what we have achieved over 30 years and this CD reflects the successful live Sound of Stockport Steel 

On volume 7 we produced a rearranged and re-recorded compilation of our favourite tunes from the earlier CDs, together with a splattering of new stuff that all goes to celebrate the Orchestra’s 25th Anniversary in 2010..

As with all our CDs both these latest recordings last over an hour giving you around seven hours of steel music on the six CD collection. Prices where we are playing offer discounts on all collections for multiple sets of CDs. All CD's cost £8.50 / US$15.50 / €12.00 and include the cost of local or international delivery.

To keep the transaction secure we're only dealing with cheques, postal orders or international money orders (Do not send cash!).
To place an order please email and all details of the running order of the CDs and where to send your order will be provided.

Sounds of Steel, 1995
Sounds of Steel, 1997
Pantonic All Stars, 2000
Pantonic All Stars, 2005
Sounds of Steel, 1995 Sounds of Steel, 1997 Pantonic All Stars, 2000 Pantonic All Stars, 2005