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Our tour to Belgium in August went down a storm. You can pick up photos as well as some live videos in Ostend and Niuewpoort by clicking onto .

Crewe Cosmopolitan Food Fair

Sunday October 29th

Romiley, Stockport

Saturday November 18th

Chesterfield Town Centre

Sunday November 19th

Mersey Square Stockport

Saturday November 25th

Marple Bridge Winter Wonderland

Saturday December 2nd

Music for Youth 2007
Players Relaxing

Music for Youth invited Pantonic All Stars Steel Orchestra to Birmingham to perform at the 37th National Festival of Music for Youth on Thursday 12th July. The lunch time was spent playing a twenty minute set on a beach built in Chamberlain Square and this was followed by our ten minute performance in the Traditional and International section of the Festival.

Our Musical Director for this event was Steven Marshall, who started as a junior player with the Orchestra back in 1987 and took over in this role a couple of years ago. To his credit he arranged both the striking pieces that the group played to an exceptionally high standard in Birmingham.

Players Relaxing
Crowds Gathering on the Beach

The first piece was the stirring 'Africa' by Toto and this was followed with a link straight into 'Pan in A Minor', a traditional piece written specifically for steel pan. Unfortunately this wasn't what the judges were looking for from a steel orchestra and we weren't successful in getting any awards. However the Orchestra has been invited to open the Primary Proms at Chester Cathedral in October, so we are doing something right

Players Performing
Players Performing
Heilbronn, 1993
Players Performing

Photos of 'Music for Youth'

Pans set ready to be played
Players Performing
Players Performing
Players Performing

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