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Our tour to Belgium in August went down a storm. You can pick up photos as well as some live videos in Ostend and Niuewpoort by clicking onto .

Summer Snaps
Pantonic's New Mini-Me

Summer Snaps -
Photos taken of us at the events we've played at,
Summer 2012

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If you've taken photos of us at an event this year and would like to share them, please send them to the 'technical enquiries' email address on the contact page.

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"Adie" Documentary
One of our senior pan players, who left in 2010, has produced, with other students at Liverpool John Moores University, a short video about the Orchestra's manager and his involvement over the last 23 years.

Follow the link to see this short video on YouTube.

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The History of Pantonic All Stars Steel Orchestra
First Pantonic All Stars sign Photo galleries: (1993, Heilbronn), (1998, Barbados), (Olden Days) and (Recent...ish).

Pantonic All Stars Steel Orchestra was formed in November 1985 when two families, one of whom had recently returned from a working period in Trinidad, decided to form a steel band for the benefit of children in Stockport. In addition, personal circumstances focused on a desire to support the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital Bone Marrow Trust Fund and through playing, raise money for the fund.

 The aim was always to be a family affair run by parents for the benefit of youngsters and to consider what was best for the whole group before any individual. The motto remains to this day ‘We Not I’
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Esbjerg Steelband Festival, Denmark August 12th-22nd 2009
Steelband Festival poster The Orchestra undertook their second tour to Denmark in August 2009. The aim was to support the Esbjerg Steelband Festival as part of Esbjerg’s Arts Festival. We arrived with Ryanair via Birmingham and Billund Airports and, having settled into our houses at Ribe Byferie, the whole group of thirty three went out for our usual first night meal and celebration of Adrian’s birthday at the Saelhunden restaurant.

The following day we went by coach to the Ribe Viking Centre where we met up with the most of the other steel bands who had come over for the festival. There was local band, Drops of Oil, Funky Steel, who had come across from Copenhagen, and three bands, Pan Young, Panoply and Panpaya, who had travelled over from Stockholm, Sweden. After an interesting morning we all moved on to the Fisheries and Maritime Museum at Esbjerg, and then to the Millennium Monument ‘Men at Sea’ for a group photo shoot where we were finally joined by Croydon Steel Orchestra who had recovered from their twenty hour drive over from England.
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Music for Youth 2007
Players Relaxing

Music for Youth invited Pantonic All Stars Steel Orchestra to Birmingham to perform at the 37th National Festival of Music for Youth on Thursday 12th July. The lunch time was spent playing a twenty minute set on a beach built in Chamberlain Square and this was followed by our ten minute performance in the Traditional and International section of the Festival.

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Denmark tour, 2007
St Darum School

Orchestra tour to Esbjerg Denmark, February 2007. The two session big load started the Tuesday before we set off, when all the pans were loaded. This was followed on Saturday with all the suitcases and sleeping gear jammed into the van for the sail across the North Sea, and to avoid us having to check them in at Stansted Airport so speeding up our flying journey. Sunday morning saw a group of 22 sleepy people leave Bredbury at four in the morning for the long drive down to Stansted. By 2.30 in the afternoon (on Danish time now) we were leaving Esbjerg Airport in two minibuses driven by Paul’s dad, Dave, who had flown over the day before, and Orla, our host at our accommodation in Bondergardsvej youth centre. Within an hour we were reunited with our suitcases as the other Dave had landed off the DFDS ferry ‘Britannia’.

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Devon Tour, 2006
Palk st Gardens

This summer saw the Orchestra on a ten day tour of the Torbay Coast taking in Torquay, Brixham, Teignmouth, Dawlish and Dartmouth. The crowds started from day one and our programme flyer, together with an English Riviera publication of dates, ensured that we were followed throughout. It was also great to see many locals who have followed us since our first appearances in St Marychurch back in 1997, when the Town Crier helped our support of the Victorian market evenings - they were exciting nights!!

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Musical Holiday - 25th July - 7th August 2004

Les Sablons

Beziers and Valras Plage, France,
25th July - 7th August 2004

[In English]
A wet Sunday morning in Stockport saw 28 intrepid players and parents set off for the Mediterranean sun. We didn't have to wait long with sunbathing starting as soon as we reached Portsmouth...

[En français] 
Un jour l'été dernier, un groupe bien intrépide de 28 musiciens et leurs parents quitta la pluie et la grisaille de Stockport. Destination: le soleil méditerranéen. Voire, on n'hésita pas à se mettre à se baigner de soleil dès qu'on arriva a Portsmouth...

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